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V.Sushkevych: «Football brings with itself human rights from Europe» Надіслати електронною поштою
Написав Прес-служба НКСІУ   

img_4906_320x200.jpgNational Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine together with Center for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) presents a unique competition “Institution without barriers” which will be conducted within the International social and humanitarian project of UEFA «Euro-2012: Respect Inclusion - Football with No Limits».


In three cities where EURO 2012 will take place - Kharkiv, Lviv and Kyiv, a presentation of international humanitarian and social project of UEFA as a part of football championship Euro – 2012 “Euro-2012: Respect Inclusion - Football with No Limits” was held and was announced an unique contest “Institution without barriers” which will take place in all four host-cities of Euro-2012. The next step is the fourth city – Donetsk which the delegation of National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine headed by Valeriy Sushkevych, Head of the NADU and the Ambassadors of the UEFA will soon visit.



 At the press conferences in Kharkiv, Lviv and Kyiv V. Sushkevych noted that the Project which was started about 8 months ago as well as a contest “Institution without barriers” are presented in these days in accordance with regulations of UEFA. Activities under this Project, implemented by National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine together with Center for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE), should encourage leaders of the institutions to ensure maximum accessibility to their facilities prior to UERO-2012 which is provided by current legislation of Ukraine.



«A couple of years ago I was a happy witness of the announcement of Ukraine’s winning the bid for Euro-2012. Thereafter I spoke with Michele Platini about availability of football for all. After all football, the game of millions people, is the uniting factor that may attract attention of all society to disability problems, to barriers in society toward disabled persons.  And it is not only about facilities which in accordance with current legislation must be accessible for all citizens, but also other infrastructure such as airports, railway stations, transport network, hotels, public eating places. If persons from the first minutes of staying in Ukraine feel that there are no equal facilities, about what kind of support can we talk», - said Sushkevych.



«Football brings from Europe human rights. I would like all Ukrainians to pay attention to it – government institutions, public institutions as well as commercial organizations,- said V. Sushkevych -    I can tell with full responsibility none of the cafes in Lviv, no institutions in Kharkiv, practically no facilities adjacent to NSC “Olimpiyskyi” are ready to welcome and care about people with. This actually applies to sports facilities as well, because despite the rather high appreciation “Metalist” stadium in Kharkiv, “Lviv-Arena”, there are still a lot of improvements to be made to achieve full accessibility of these venues. Not so positively I can estimate the main sport arena NSC “Olimpiyskyi” in keeping up the principles of universal design promoted by Europe and the world, implemented in State Building Codes of Ukraine. For person with disability it will be really hard to watch the match on NSC as at the top places review is closed by the concrete beams, at the bottom – by billboards. Unfortunately there are also a lot of problems with airports of hosting cities, there are some problems with railway stations and there is a sharp question about public transportation including metro. No fan zones are ready to welcome people with disabilities. I think that we can assign ourselves a grade three with plus in accordance with 5 grade systems for the level of preparation for EURO-2012».



However, according to Sushkevych, there is still a hope and a degree of optimism to overcome these problem issues that were detected by monitoring the accessibility of EURO-2012 facilities, held under the Project “EURO-2012: Respect inclusion – football with no limits”.



Actually the project, as a part of preparation for hosting the final part of the matches of 2012 European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland, aims to facilitate access to football championship event for all fans without exception. Executor of the project in Ukraine is National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine. NADU aims to inform society about modern vision the European institutions including UEFA on the maintaining the rights of the disabled fans using the sports, transport, hotel, social infrastructure facilities of the European football Championship.



According to the executors opinion, the implementation of the Project will promote the development and improvement of infrastructure of the facilities including EURO-2012, the expansion of the network accessible for the persons with disabilities and will provide established under Project of UEFA, information resource for the persons with disabilities about accessible infrastructure and services with further improvement of its work all over Ukraine




According to Valeriy Sushkevych, a lot of work is done in this short period of time of the Project. In the frameworks of the Project special consultative group was formed of representatives of the National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine and public organizations of the disabled, local authorities of the host-cities for Euro-2012, respective Committeee of the Ukrainian Parliament. Active work of this group is in progress. Volunteers aimed to measure current access to public spaces in host-cities are trained; audio-described commentators contest was conducted for those who will provide commentary for visually impaired spectators during Euro-2012; widespread information camp[aign has already started also, video-clips of the Projectare created.  



Particularly, new unique informational source was created with website  www.invatourism.org.ua. This website contains Accessibility Guide of four host-cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Donetsk. This Guide is available in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English. This website is also adopted for visually impaired users and provides possibility for each visitor to comment and share own experience.  Accessibility Guide is improved continuously and new data appears according to monitoring og the volunteers. It provides detailed information about accessible objects: places of interest, public places (accommodation, catering, services); transport infrastructure; telephone numbers and addresses of assistance services in four host-cities. According to Valeriy Sushkevych, National Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine has also further goals after Euro-2012. It is planned to extrapolate positive experience of this information source to other cities of Ukraine: “After Euro-2012 we will have Ukraine as a country with equal rights and possibilities for all our citizens”.



According to Valeriy Sushkevych, “Institution without barriers’ contest is one of the important aspects of the campaign. It is held in four host-cities of Euro-2012. “During this contest the most accessible  for disabled people institutions will be defined. All the organizations, institutions and businesses can take part in this contest informing about their intention before 30 March 2012. More detailed information regarding application procedure can be found at Project website  http://www.invatourism.org.ua/. He mentioned that the facilities which would correspond with all the requirements will get a special accessibility certificate from UEFA, as well as will be included free-of-charge to the Accessible Facilities Guide. These facilities will be also recommended by the national Assembly of the Disabled of Ukraine as exemplary institutions fully accessible for people with limited mobility. It goes about all people those have difficulties with mobility. All information regarding accessibility evaluation of the objects situated on the possible routs of spectators will be renewed at http://www.invatourism.org.ua/. Besides, all information will be included free-of-charge to the tourist guides for spectators”.



There are a lot of spactators with disabilities in eight host-cities (in Ukraine and Poland). According to Markiyan Lubkivsky, Tournament Director who took part at press-conference in Kyiv 14000 disabled people from 23 countries of the world sent their applications to receive tickets for Euro-2012. But not everyone who wants to become a spectator during Euro-2012 can do this due to the reason that there are only 2500 seats for disabled people (total for Ukraine and Poland). This is a challenge and UEFA will conduct special lottery for those registered in online ticket sale system.



According to information from Markiyan Lubkivsky, UEFA has been working for 1,5 years on Respect social responsibility projects. These projects will be realized in Ukraine and Poland during preparation and conduction of Euro-2012. Primarily, UEFA project «Euro-2012: Respect Inclusion - Football with No Limits» which is held in the frameworks of Euro-2012 Football tounament is one of the mainstreams aimed to disabled people and realized by UEFA. According to Markiyan Lubkivsky, the main goal of the Respect projects is to pay attention of the society to those social problems specific to Ukraine and Poland. Especially – problems of disabled rights provision.  In the frameworks of Respect Inclusion Project Charity programme will be realized. Each goal scored during Euro-2012 tournament will deposit 3000 Euro to special account. After conclusion of the tournament the whole amount will be in equal parts directed to disabled people needs in Ukraine and Poland.



Ambassador for «Euro-2012: Respect Inclusion - Football with No Limits» Oleksandr Shovkovskyi was a little bit “disappointed” with that fact due to the that he will be playing as a goalkeeper and not scoring goals. “Football is a game for millions, - commented famous goalkeeper. – There is no other way except football to help everyone, without any limits”.



Ambassador for «Euro-2012: Respect Inclusion - Football with No Limits» Volodymyr Nechyporuk commented:  «All spheres we are involved in life are connected. For example, we are heolding Fashion Week in Ukraine, we promote and initiate “Event without limits” topic. I like “Institution without barriers” contest. I consider that every person has a right to visit theater, cinema, stadium, fashion show freely. And this is normal. I am sure that each of us will be grateful to Euro-2012 for infrastructure and mainly for the point that equal valuables were included to our conscience”.   


Nataliya Harach,

Press attaché of  NADU

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