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From Ukrainian Paralympic Committee Надіслати електронною поштою
Написав Прес-служба НКСІУ   

Official: To Sir Philip Craven



Dear Mr. President,

I appeal to you in the situation which took place during the London 2012 Paralympic Games in the event Woman Discus Throw F35/36, Field and Track Athletics. We believe that the solution of this case will answer the question whether IPC is able to prevent the violation of its own regulations during Paralympic Games and the main question is whether IPC Governing Board is able to ensure the Fair Play principle at Paralympic Games.


It happened that in the event Woman Discus Throw 35-36 the organizers used the incorrect scoring tables for Omega data handling technology system which means that in the course of the event the inadequate scoring system calculated points and decided the current and final results in the combined class event Woman Discus Throw 35-36. Unfortunately the IPC Athletics officials didn’t notice it in time.


ESPECIALLY I CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT AFTER THE THIRD DISCUS THROW ATTEMPT OUR ATHLETE MARIIA POMAZAN NOTICED THE INCORRECT SYSTEM OPERATION AND INFORMED FIELD OFFICIALS ABOUT IT IMMEDIATELY BUT WORRIES OF THE ATHLETE WERE TOTALLY IGNORED.  AT THE SAME TIME, THE COACH OF THE NATIONAL TEAM OF UKRAINE ALSO NOTICED SYSTEM INCONSISTENCY AND TOGETHER WITH THE ATHLETICS TEAM LEADER REPORTED IMMEDIATELY TO THE TECHNICAL INFORMATION DESK AT THE VENUE WHILE THE ATHLETES STILL HAD THREE MORE DISCUS THROW ATTEMPTS. UNFORTUNATELY, TECHNICAL INFORMATION DESK OFFICIALS ALSO IGNORED INFORMATION AND CONCERNS OF THE UKRAINIAN TEAM. As the result the event was over with the same data in the Omega scoring system. And only in several hours after the medal ceremony was over and our athlete received the champion title and the gold medal, when some countries expressed their concerns about the fact, Athletics Technical Delegate realized the scoring system inconsistency and inconsistency of the event results. Unfortunately the Athletics Competition Management of the London 2012  Paralympic Games violating regulations decided to deprive Mariia Pomazan, the Ukrainian athlete, of the gold medal and the champion title, Mariia Pomazan, who was the first to notice the points scoring system inconsistency and to draw the field officials attention to the urgent need of system calibration in the course of event, Mariia Pomazan, who was convinced by the field judges in the correct work of the Omega points scoring system. 


I’m happy to mention that on the early stage of the conflict which itself discredits the idea of Fair Play at the London 2012 Paralympic Games we worked constructively with Mr. Gonzalez, the IPC Chief Executive Officer, who reacting to our letter (which is attached) promoted constructive and fair decision to award both athletes with the gold medals: the Chinese (according to the corrected points scoring system) and the Ukrainian  (according to the in-competition points scoring system) and Mariia Pomazan champion title was also agreed as the current and effective one. It was the very decision which would not violate the regulations and corresponds to the problem solving practice, which we know from the history of Paralympic and Olympic movements.


I also call your attention to the fact, that the situation with Mariia Pomazan champion title got massive coverage in British and World media which together with Paralympic family welcomed the IPC fair decision to leave Ukrainian athlete Paralympic Champion title and balance the results of other teams.


Then IPC offered different options of Medal Ceremony for Chinese and Ukrainian athletes with the gold medals for three times, but suddenly on the afternoon September, 2nd the situation has dramatically changed and we were informed about the next new decision which was again officially announced. That very evening IPC Athletics manager and Technical Delegate informed that gold medal and Champion title would be taken away from the Ukrainian athlete. When asked about the Athletics Rules and Regulations article or other legal competition documents used to make such an unfair decision, the TD could only point the rule which regulates the point system in the combined events, but not the procedure of depriving an athlete of the medals and Champion title.


Please pay attention to the fact that only legal Games Rules, relevant IPC and LOCOG documents should regulate any actions of the Technical Delegates, Referees and Jury in- competition but not after the Medal ceremony or the official protest filed within the official deadline may affect the competition results after the competition. Thus, we face the outrageous violation of the procedure on changing the official competition results after the event and victory ceremony.


When we were notified on that unfair decision which deprives our athlete of the champion title, we kept on asking one and the same question - whether IPC officials and the Athletics Technical Delegate are aware that IPC officials MUST MAKE ANY DECISIONS IN ACCORD WITH THE RELEVANT SPORT RULES, GAMES REGULATIONS, CONSIDERING IPC CONSTITUTION, THE MAIN IDEA OF WHICH IS FAIR PLAY. Unfortunately, IPC officials and the Athletics Technical Delegate couldn’t answer this question.


There are even easier questions – why the athlete, who became the Paralympic Games champion, should suffer due to the fault of the Organizing committee and the team of Athletics Technical Delegate? Why a disabled athlete can be easily deprived of the Paralympic champion title just due to a personal decision of Organizing Committee officials or the Technical Delegate?


Mr. President, you are the highest instance in the hierarchy of the International Paralympic Movement and I appeal to you on behalf of the Ukrainian athlete, the two-time champion of the XIV Paralympic Games and question the validity and fairness of the decision made by IPC Athletics. THIS ANSWER AND FAIR RESOLUTION are looked forward by the whole Paralympic Family, European and world sport communities, the London 2012 Paralympic Games media and most of all by Mariia Pomazan and the Paralympic team of Ukraine.


We hope and rely on your understanding and support.


Best regards,        
Valeriy Sushkevych
NPC Ukraine President

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