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Paralympics 2012: two gold medals Надіслати електронною поштою
Написав Прес-служба НКСІУ   

pomazan_telegr.jpgParalympics 2012: two gold medals to be awarded in discus event after scoring error gives victory to wrong athlete. The International Paralympic Committee has made the bizarre decision to award two gold medals and two bronze medals in a discus event for cerebral palsy athletes, but will only officially recognise one of them.


In what has been a farcical turn of events over the past three days, the F35/36 women's discus has been jointly awarded to Ukranian Mariia Pomazan and China's Qing Wu because track and field technical delegates have not wanted to reschedule the event after a scoring problem. The decision could impact on GB's position on the medal tally, as only one gold medal currently separates Ukraine from GB and Australia.

An IPC senior official privately conceded: "this is a shambles".

Late yesterday dithering officials couldn't decide whether to play the Ukrainian national anthem in addition to the Chinese anthem when the medals will be presented, an occasion that has already been rescheduled twice.

However the IPC has confirmed only Wu will go down in the record books and on the medal table as the event winner with Pomazan recorded as the silver medalist - even though they say Pomazan has the gold medal and can call herself Paralympic champion.

Only late on Sunday did the IPC announce they will now reallocate the medals to the revised medalists and have demanded the previous medalists return the medals in time for a medal ceremony on Monday morning. The decision was taken after a further jury of appeal hearing into the matter.

"We had tried to find a suitable compromise but we have been unable to find one satisfactory to everyone and so the medals will be reallocated," an IPC spokesman said.

Confusion about the event began on Friday night after Pomazan won with Wu awarded silver and Bao Jiongyu, also of China, the bronze. But complaints revealed the data entered into the Omega system which calibrates a handicap system was the 2011 ratings, not the 2012 ratings.

When the results were recalibrated, Wu was elevated into the gold medal position, Pomazan relegated to the silver and an Australian Katherine Proudfoot jumped from fifth to the bronze.

A decision to reallocate the medals was overturned when Ukraine officials successfully argued Pomazan used the faulty scoring to believe she had won and did not need to try as hard in her final throws. At first the IPC announced it would issue a second set of medals, meaning Pomazan and Wu would have two medals for the one event, but that was changed to issuing them the highest medal won from either the faulty results or the amended results.

Adding to the drama between the two countries, Pomazan won the F35/36 shot put yesterday morning, ahead of China's Jun Wang and third placed Wu. Pomazan said anger over the discus event had fuelled her shot put triumph.

"I was very very angry, I didn't even know I could be that angry, so this brought very strong feelings for such a performance," Pomazan said.

"I wanted psychologically to prove to China that they couldn't break us, so everything went as we wanted it to."

Ukraine says it will push to have the gold medal officially included in the medal table, rather than the silver. The decision of this appeal could impact on the success of ParalympicsGB.

ParalympicsGB chef de mission Craig Hunter said the Ukraine gold medal shouldn't count in the medal tally. He said the overall tally, and GB's position in it, could go down to the wire and every gold could have an impact.


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