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The names of 4 new World Champions are known
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ipc_logo-150x150.jpgOn the third day of the IPC Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing World Championships 4 medal sets found their owners. On the distance of 20 km among men and 15 km among women Kirill Mikhaylov of Russia, Brian McKeever of Canada, Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine and Elena Remizova of Russia became the best.




Russian athlete Kirill Mikhaylov became the unreserved leader in the men competition standing. He showed the best results having overcome 20 km in 53 minutes and 53 seconds. Vegard Dahle crossed the finish line next to the Russian skier, having lost him 2 minutes and 8 seconds. The bronze medal went to Ilkka Tuomisto of Finland, who lost Mikhaylov 3.5 minutes.


The World Champion in men competition, visually impaired, on the long distances became the representative of Canada Brian McKeever. In the third part of the race he took the lead and finished 43 seconds ahead his pursuer Nikolay Polukhin of Russia, who became the second. Nikolay’s compatriot Alexey Toropov won the bronze medal having lost more than 5 minutes to the leader.


There were no representatives of Russian national team participating in the women competition standing. It was planned that Anna Burmistrova would take part in the long distance race, but she wouldn’t start. Irina Gromova, the Russian team head coach, claimed that Anna had got some health problems. The gold and silver medals went to the Ukrainian representatives Oleksandra Kononova and Iuliia Batenkova. Katarzyna Rogowiec of Poland managed to win the bronze medal.


However, in the women competition, visually impaired, all the medals went to Russian athletes. Yadviha Skorabahataya, the only representative of Belarus, wouldn’t finish. As a result, Elena Remizova managed to become the World Champion on the long distance. Mikhalina Lysova got the silver medal, and the bronze of the World Championships went to Tatyana Iljuchenko.


According to Irina Gromova, Russian national team head coach, the today’s results depended a lot on the weather, since the snow was rather wet.  «Vladimir Kononov started, but unfortunately failed to finish, because the weather was very difficult for one-armed athletes. We went for broke: everything depended on the ski and the track. We had to estimate our chances, because Vladimir is an athlete with physical disabilities. He was getting ready, but participating without the ski poles in such weather was extremely difficult». She also mentioned that the decision that Azat Karachurin wouldn’t participate was based on the fact that «he’s too young for a long distance».


Unofficial team scoring (04.04.2011)





Total amount of medals


Source: http://ugrasport.com/parabiathlon/?p=1731&lang=en


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