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Natalia Yakimova: Today’s winners are the strongest, the most persistent and the most experienced Надіслати електронною поштою
Написав Прес-служба НКСІУ   




pressconf_lng_dist.jpgOn the third day of the competitions we got new medalists. Oleksandra Kononova of Ukraine became the gold winner (LW 2-9), Elena Remizova of Russia with Natalia Yakimova as a guide won gold (B 1-3), and Vegard Dahle of Norway added the silver (LW 2-9) to the Norwegian team collection.




 Vegard: Today’s race was difficult because of the weather, but I succeeded. A special thanks to our servicemen – the ski ran really fast! As a result everything was good.


Oleksandra: I didn’t like the race from the first minutes: I had a feeling that my skis don’t serve me right, it was difficult to run, and the snow on the track was as wet as water. All I wanted was to fall and to cry. But suddenly something made me gather up and do my utmost, so I got the podium place. Today’s race gave a lot to me, especially concerning my experience.


Natalia: We didn’t expect to win today; we were just going to fight, as usual. The weather was really difficult, but our servicemen did a great job. We are so thankful to them! I think today’s winners were the strongest, the most persistent and the most experienced.


pressconf_lng_dist.jpgWe have some more competitions days, which will take a lot of energy from you. What results do you expect?


Vegard: Actually, today’s distance is my favourite. But still I didn’t think I could win. Due to this victory I felt self-confidence. Now I’m waiting for the sprint and I’m going to perform as well as today.


Oleksandra: I’m trying not to make plans. You never know what to expect on the track. If you managed to perform successfully – thank God, if not – things happen, you shouldn’t care so much up to the next start.


Natalia: We got tired after these three days, we need to relax. I agree with Sasha here. You should work to succeed.


There is an opinion, that a change is as good as a rest. How do you relax after the races?


Vegard: I find it necessary to have something besides sports in my head, and here the movies help me a lot. I brought about 15 movies with me; I watch one of them every evening. For example, yesterday I watched a wonderful Hollywood product “Kramer vs. Kramer” (Kramer vs. Kramer, 1979 г. – author’s note).


Oleksandra: Fancywork helps me to relax, this is my hobby: before going to bed, after the races and in my days off. I also like to watch some film as a background.


Natalia: I prefer music, and I like massage and Russian baths; that’s what helps me to relax.







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